Connection with an object can involve more than just the senses…

It can become a psychological ground state.  Meditating on nature’s colours and patterns, rubbing a smooth stone between the fingers, or cradling a favourite beverage while savouring its unique aroma and taste, are all techniques a person can use to calm the mind.  My goal is to provide kinetic and visual comfort, an opportunity to regain a sense of tranquility.  I want my work to connect physically through useful functionality and connect psychologically through a sense of stability.  

Process: A Labour of Love

All work is created using casting slip, a type of liquid clay that is poured into plaster molds to achieve its shape. Plaster molds, clay, and glazes are all handmade in studio.

About the Artist

I knew very little about ceramics when I entered Sheridan College's Craft and Design Ceramic Arts program in 2015 but there was something about working with clay that just seemed to speak to me.  I didn't realize it at the time but it was the connection between function and art that inspired me.  I was fascinated with functional pots and their daily interaction with our lives.  Since then, the ability to touch and interact with or, better, to give purpose to a piece of art has become essential to my work!